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3D Attraction in 2016!

My Morbid Mind Haunted House 2014


THANK YOU to everyone who came out to see us this year. We enjoyed scaring THE HELL OUT OF YOU...!!! Be sure to keep checking in with us to see what's new for our 3D Attraction in 2016. We will be posting periodically on FACEBOOK.

We can't wait to see you next year... Maybe you won't be so lucky this time...!


***************Welcome to My Morbid Mind

A MILLION THANKS to our dedicated staff of actors, support staff, and volunteers!! YOU are the ones that make it happen... GREAT JOB !!!

REMEMBER... Tickets and SHIRTS will be available to purchase online in advance.


Phone: 360-455-3330

Tired of waiting in line? Wanna move to the front? Purchase a VIP "HOT LANE" Pass!

Get your MMM T-Shirt
Call us if you would like a shirt. We can take a card over the phone, and arrange to get it to you.


DIRECTIONS: 4548 Marvin Rd SE Lacey, WA 98513
WARNING: GPS may take you to Marvin Rd NE. You want Marvin Rd SE... South side of I-5
From Northbound I-5 take EXIT 111 MARVIN RD. Veer RIGHT toward the SOUTH offramp. At the traffic circle take the SECOND exit onto QUINAULT DR NE heading to MARVIN RD S/YELM. Turn RIGHT onto WA-510 E / Marvin Rd NE. approx 1.5 mi to the traffic circle. Continue straight onto Marvin Rd SE approx 2.7 mi. We are on the left.

From Southbound I-5 take EXIT 111 MARVIN RD. Take a left turn onto WA-510 E / MARVIN RD NE heading SOUTH over the freeway bridge. Continue approx 1.5 mi to the traffic circle. Continue straight onto Marvin Rd SE approx 2.7 mi. We are on the left.

KIDS WALK-THROUGH 5 - 6:45 PM Oct. 31 $2
We turn on the lights, and make a family freindly, safe attraction for the young ones.
Instead of a SCARE... Our creatures hand out candy!

Wanna be part of the FUN...? Our staff is what makes this a great event! To apply to participate, call or write to:
MY MORBID MIND HAUNTED HOTLINE: 360-455-3330 or Email:

Let us know how we are doing. Please "Like" us on FaceBook. Leave a comment or suggestion. Send us an email about what you liked the best. Also, please inform us of any severed limbs or vital organs you may have left behind in your haste to get out of there!

About My Morbid Mind Haunted House.
A Brief Bio:
My Morbid Mind Haunted House began as a Halloween display on the front porch of a house in suburban Lacey. Trick or Treaters would creep through a small gauntlet of horrors to reach the front door and receive their rewards. This was only the beginning for "Master of the Macabre" Kevin Noah. He is the owner, chief designer, builder, director, and supervisor for what has become the "best haunt in the state"! Together with his wife and two sons, they moved from the front porch to converting their entire back yard into a haunt. When that proved to be inadequate for their ever growing following, they set out looking for a larger venue.

The Noahs didn't have to look far. Just down the road an old, huge barn looked like the perfect place to set-up shop. Fortunately for Kevin, the owners Tom & Mona, were intrigued by the prospect of setting up the event on their property. They agreed to share their building with all of you, and have worked hard as staff members of the haunt every year.

The first show at the barn was in 2008, and was a huge success. 2009 was better,yet. Unfortunately, the 2010 season had to be canceled due to enforcement of regulations by Thurston County. Kevin worked very closely with the county to meet their safety and building requirements. He labored all year to improve the parking facilities, install fire alarm and emergency systems, and a self-contained fire sprinkler system. This effort pleased the county, and he was granted permission to open for business for the 2011 season. One of the very few haunts to be given this variance.

My Morbid Mind continues to be one of the biggst Halloween attractions in the region. We'll see you here!